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Finding a cure to gynecomastia

What is it?

In the past few years, it has been observed that a serious new syndrome is developing in males around the world. It is called gynecomastia, and in this syndrome the male mammary glands enlarge to abnormal levels which become a great cause of concern and distress for men of all ages. This is mainly due to the fact that men feel themselves going out of shape as their chest starts to sag. The causes of gynecomastia are still undecided, but it is inferred that a form of it can appear due to obesity which later on goes away in a few years.

Different forms and symptoms

The most common form of gynecomastia is the one in which the individual experiences ‘puffy’ nipples. This is when the nipple starts to increase in size and shape and starts to concentrate around the areola of your chest. In some severe cases, it even trespasses the areola.

This condition is found most commonly in sports persons especially body builders. Research has attributed this fact with the usage of anabolic steroids that such people constantly intake in their systems.

What causes gynecomastia

The causes of gynecomastia are basically still unclear, but medical experts have linked it with these conditions. It is noted that in all of these conditions, one thing is common and that is the fact that they alter the hormonal levels of the individual.

  • Malnutrition: Even though obesity is also being touted as one of the causes of gynecomastia, a lack of nutrition also offsets the balance inside your body which gives rise to this abnormality.
  • Kidney Failure: It has also been noted that most of the people that are being treated with dialysis also display the symptoms of having gynecomastia
  • Tumors: Tumors that offset the balance of hormones inside one’s body also leads to them being more susceptible to gynecomastia.

How do we cure gynecomastia

Well the first and most obvious cure for gynecomastia lies in the surgical removal of the infected glands. This should be highly discouraged. There are many reasons for this; firstly surgery will cost you most of your life’s savings. It will be an extremely expensive procedure. Secondly, you will have to be admitted to a hospital, would have to qualify for the pre surgery checks and that would of course lead to more time being spent on this procedure than you had expected, which would of course also have other serious financial ramifications. And even after doing all this, you are still not 100 percent guaranteed that gynecomastia would not return to you in the coming years and that you will be of it for life. If that was not enough, surgery for gynecomastia will leave a deep long gash on your chest. Therefore, if your main aim was to enhance your looks, I don’t know how surgery would even help.

Then is there really no cure?

Fortunately, due to development in medical science and extreme research, there is now a drug available in the market that does not give you any of the hassle of surgery but at the same time ensures that your gynecomastia is kept away from you for the rest of your life.

Gynexin is basically a new compound that research has put forward and it has been surveyed that gynexin brings out results on expanded mammary glands much more significantly than other drugs. Furthermore, gynexin’s composition is also purely natural so you don’t have to worry about any side effects of the sort.

Suggested Dosage

So basically gynexin is available readily in markets with a box containing 60 capsules. It may be advised that the user takes up to 2 capsules per day, drink it with water of course. It is also advise, that however desperate you may be for results, 2 capsules a day should be kept as a limit and should not be exceeded. The prescribed amount is the ideal quantity required for the formula to work in its most efficient manner.

Precautions before using

Like earlier mentioned, the dosage should only be kept to as much as directed on the box or by your physician. If you are going to start it separately on your own, then it is better that you first consult your doctor about the rest of the medicines that you are using. Safety is still the most important thing and you can not ever be too safe.


Since most males are very eager to remove these ugly additions to their selves, they would be very pleased to know that results start to appear in only the second or third week of your usage of gynexin. You can notice this when slowly your glands become firm. 

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